“Men of Another Spirit”

Pastor Jeff spoke an anointed message on Saturday morning that was very timely for our Young Adult group. His message entitled “Men of Another Spirit” challenged the group to search their heart and see if they are doing everything that God has called them to do.

Take a look at some of the notes from the meeting.

Are you willing to pick up everything and forsake all to empty yourself for the Kingdom?

Ways that we can be men and women of another sort:

  • A spark that continues to grow rather than flame out.
  • Set your face to seek God
  • Having your own convictions that align with the Word of God
  • No compromise.
  • Consistent and diligent in seeking the Lord.
  • Stay alert for the enemy’s tactics and the Lords return.

    Are you part of the generation that begins to tolerate and accept the areas that were set before us as things that should be avoided? Is the world’s system eroding your convictions?

    Do you truly realize that everything that you have been given is from the Lord?

    Are you more of a giver or a taker? Not just in what you do, but in the Spirit.

    Are you speaking the language of the world and the language of the Kingdom?

    What decisions are you making to bring unity to the body of Christ?

The point that challenged me the most was when Pastor Jeff asked if we are a giver or a taker? Doing things at church doesn’t make you a giver. Having the heart of a servant is what makes you a giver. Ask yourself today, are you a giver or a taker? Are you a man or woman of another spirit?

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