February Challenge: Minute to Win It

In February, the Calvary Temple of Sterling Young Adults got together with the Calvary Temple of Gambrills young adults for an exciting Minute to Win It themed challenge. There were six games that made up the challenge, and four teams competed for the coveted crown! Team DJ, Team Tony, Team Ray and Team Jamal went toe to toe all the way to the end.

From the makeup challenge to the ping pong launch, there were no shortages of entertainment. Team Ray led for most of the competition but when Trevor won the makeup challenge, that would put team Jamal out in front. Take a look at the “finished products” from the makeup challenge. One female team member had one minute to apply makeup to one male counterpart. We were looking for the “prettiest” contestant. Well, congratulations Trevor!

Possibly the most entertaining challenge of the day was the ping pong clipboard challenge. Contestants had to throw ping pong balls off the clipboard of their partner into the bucket. It was harder than it looks! Pat and Mark came away with first place! Take a look here

The day finished with a human version of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” – a classic way to finish a Young Adult event!

All four teams competed to the finish. It was a another great Event for the Calvary Temple Young Adults. Congratulations to Team Jamal for finishing in first place. See you next month!

Here are a few more photos of the action:

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Calvary Temple Young Adult Winter 2014 Event Recap

The Calvary Temple Young Adults were at it again late in 2014 with two exciting events. First in November was the construction and testing of “war machines”.

Each team of 7-8 individuals had to come up with an original idea for a “war machine” that would launch a tennis ball and destroy opposing teams castles, built of paper. The teams were given one week to complete the task and the designs and execution could not have been more different.

Here are a few shots behind the scenes of the construction of one of the war machines:


On November 15th, the war machines were put to the test in the gym at Calvary Temple. Danny’s Christmas elves team outlasted the rest for the victory! Take a look at a few of the teams:


Remember that each first Saturday of the month, the Young Adults gather for Bible study and small groups at Calvary Temple. And each third Saturday of the month, the Young Adults gather for a team building activity.

In December, the group went a little more traditional with some ice skating at Reston Town Center. Young and old alike came out to enjoy some time on the ice. Can you find the next Olympian? Take a look:

IMG_9690 IMG_9692 IMG_9694

The Young Adult group at Calvary Temple certainly has fun, but the goal of all these events is to grow in relationships with one another and become more like Jesus. Come join our Young Adult group to grow in your faith in Jesus and establish relationships that are eternal!

Tune in for more in 2015!

2014 Halloween Outreach Recap

Long time young adult member Kristy Lawrence recaps the Calvary Temple Halloween Outreach that she put together this year. It was truly an impactful event on our community. We are so thankful for members of the Young Adult group like Kristy who continue to spread the gospel and have a heart for the lost in our community.

Here is her recap of the event:

A little over a month ago, we felt like God laid it on our heart’s to be on the offensive and  take advantage of a great opportunity on Halloween night to get the gospel of Jesus out to the kids in our community. A lot of our Young Adult group got together to make it happen.

The Lord did many miracles, as we stepped out in faith, and we got a great location to do the outreach! We had a treasure hunt available for the kids to do where they got to stop at 4 different stops and hear Bible stories. We also had games, candy and goodie bags with gospel tracts in them. Everywhere they went there was something about the gospel and the Lord allowed us to reach 120 souls that night! Praise God!!

Continue to look for lost souls in your community to impact for the gospel!


Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

On the first Saturday of every month, the Calvary Temple Young Adults gather together for a Bible teaching.

This week, Pastor Jon Miller taught about the importance of being filled with the Spirit of God to be ambassadors for Christ. He started the teaching with reminding us that we are the children of God, we are the heirs and joint heirs with Christ Jesus.

We turned to John chapter 4 to look at the verse where Jesus told his disciples, But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” (John 4:32 ESV) Through this passage, Pastor Jon encouraged us with the principle, Without God you will not have love for souls.

Pastor Jon gave a list of three things that God gave to this earth to get his gospel into the hearts of unbelievers –

God so loved the world that he gave:

1. Gave his only son (John 3:16)

2. God gave the church, the extension of God’s power in this world (Luke 24:47-49)

3. God gave His Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5, 8/ Acts 2:17)

Pastor Jon stressed through the teaching that we need the power of the Holy Spirit to affect lost souls. We cannot have religion and programs without the Holy Spirit and expect to impact our community for Christ.

Pastor Jon continued with the point that we as the church of Jesus Christ are the physical representation of Jesus on this earth. The challenge to you, today is: are you representing Jesus in your daily living?

This starts with being filled with the Holy Spirit and taking the message of the gospel into a lost and dying world. If you don’t have that power today, God promised that he would pour out his Spirit on all men. There is a fountain available for you to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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Calvary Temple Young Adult Retreat

YA 09-14 Campout

Each year the Calvary Temple Young Adults take a retreat to the Shenandoah Valley.

This year the theme of the retreat was “Seek first the Kingdom” from the scripture Matthew 6:33.

The retreat is a time to mainly get refreshed spiritually but it is also a time to get away from the busyness of northern Virginia and get quiet as well as spend time with other members of the young adult group.

For years now, the young adults have enjoyed great food, fellowship and fun games! This year was no exception. In honor of one of the missionaries at Calvary, the group played Skyball on Friday afternoon. Ethan’s team won by 2 runs! After that, some of the young adults rested or got time in the Word while the rest of the group took a hike to Buzzard Rock.

The teachings throughout the retreat were excellent. Pastor Jeff, Pastor Jon and Pastor Jimmy all taught on the importance of prioritizing the Kingdom of God above all else. Some of the most memorable quotes from the teachings include:

“Let God be the God of all your tomorrows.”

“What effort are you putting forth to win souls for the Kingdom of God?”

“Seeking first the Kingdom of God is a choice, and a continual choice.”

“Are you coming to God in the shadows? Are you afraid to be associated with Him?”

“What holds you back from completely being a disciple of Jesus?”

Each teaching during the retreat was meaningful in different ways. Seeking the Kingdom of God is a challenge in the world today as Satan continually tries to distract Christians with all the things that the world has to offer. The retreat was once again an excellent reminder of how we need to focus on our Heavenly Father and not on the cares of this life.

See the pictures below for a few highlights of the trip! Stay tuned to the Young Adult blog as well as everything else that is happening at Calvary Temple.

DSC_0072 DSC_0049 DSC_0074 DSC_0018

Calvary Temple Young Adults April Activity – Spades Tournament

This month, the Calvary Temple Young Adult group got together for a Spades Tournament. In what has turned into a Calvary Temple tradition, the Young Adults gathered to see who could be crowned Spades Champion in 2014.

Eight divisions made up of four teams each battled in a round robin format to determine which teams would make the “Elite 8”.

After fighting through the Elite 8, some of the usual suspects, Pastor Jon and Dave as well as Landon and Dawn made it to the Final Round. Pastor Jon and Dave won the tournament in 2012 while Landon and Dawn were trying to defend their title from 2013.

After some intense competition, the two teams tied for 1st place after finishing with the same score! They will surely settle the score next year!